Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

I haven't been very diligent at updating much of anything lately. But hey, it's a new year so a good reason to have something to say. I haven't been crocheting as much as I usually do this time of the year, not really in a slump or anything just haven't done it. I did make a couple baby blankets before the holiday though. One for a boy (Emily's baby, Scot) and one for a girl (Mingqi's baby, Annie).

The following pictures are really inspiring to me. Curently I feel like my house is cluttered and full of a lot of useless items that no one would probably miss it they were gone, which is pretty sad....but at least I know it, lol. So this year (not gonna bother calling it a resolution), I am going to go through it for real this time. My house is very lived in with 3 cats, a dog, a rat, a tween, a teen, a husband, a brother in law and myself. Plus a lot of "things" have been left by others that have come and gone....the problem with living in a family house. We have many needs from our home too. We camp, and have for our entire lives so we have a lot of gear....almost all which is of use. This area can be cleaned back up easy enough, but there is stuff sp read out right now which is not good and I will pay if I don't get it cleaned up by April. We live in the Northeast, so a lot of the nicer patio items have to be stored in the basement, because I want them to last. I have most of the outdoor chairs, the cushions the (huge) patio lamp, the canvas to the gazebo and so on in the basement. We are do-it-youself-ers, and my husband has a tool for most jobs, which is great when you need them because having the right tools is most of the battle. But very fustrating when you can not find them. Organization of this area would help everyone! It gets messy quick, and putting away things after a big project (sometimes even a small one) isn't always easy. We have a lot of tool shelving and cabinets, it just needs the time and energy. We burn pellet, so 3+tons of pellet takes up a lot of room....nothing I can do about that, just keep it clean. There is a huge work table that Mike hates (I kinda like ) near the stove.....idk what to do over there. But there isn't all that much clutter there besides that thing. Our bedroom is also downstairs, but it's big, a quarter of the basement....ends up being a dumping ground sometimes. The old desktop really doesn't work and the monitor is huge....all this area really is good for is storage for all the routers and the printer. It could be reworked. Our bedroom closet is full of stuff that should probably go. Upstairs isn't too bad, the coat closet (more like the recylce closet) is cluttered with junk we don't use, as is the guest room (Billy's room) closet. The girls have gotten better with their own rooms, and that's pretty much their thing to deal with. The guest room needs some purging. I started to store yarn and stuff in there and that is the point to most of my rambling. I'd like to make a better area for my yarn and crafts, and these pictures below inpire me....

Nothing fancy, just organized. I love the cubes, but they are silly expensive in the stores....but how easy would they be to make? Or maybe pick them up at AC Moore with 40-50% off coupons? That would make them more affordable. I don't have an extra room for this right now....maybe someday, but I could make better use of the basement space where the camp gear is stored and the laundry area. I have cabinets, shelves (make shift, but still shelves) and a dresser in there. All used fairly inefficiently. Everyone always thinks I am so organized and probably imagines this is what my home looks like, lol....probably never will....but I can put some more effort into it. Just gotta step away from MW and FB! Plus Mike is going back to work tomorrow, and worse of all it will be some odd ball 2nd shift that starts at 4pm (4 nights a week). We will eat early most nights so we are all still together for dinner (very important, I think) and Kenzie has kartate those 4 nights too...so that will help, but I think I can use my "alone time" to work on some of these goals. I just need to stay motivated, so I figure posting this will remind me of how motivated I am right now. I also need to stay motivated to excersize and walk, I need to drop at least 20lbs to be where I should be....so I am off this thing for now and going to take bit of a walk, as much as the snow piles at work will let me.


Pterodactyls Are Alive said...

Hi, I found your hammock pattern and had a few questions. At the bottom you said that someone could email you if we had questions. I could not find any way to contact you however.