Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

Once again I will attempt to keep up with a blog. I have started several over the years and commit to none. I'm spending more time on the interweb thanks to Ravelry, and there is incentive to see an up to date blog going on my notebook page. I'm not to thrilled about the template options here on blogger, so I found this viney one. I just need to take some time to tweak it out a bit.

For those of you popping in randomly my blog is about crochet hooking, not the other kind ;o) After a bit of googling I found another Jojo's Happy Hooking, hers was NOT about crochet, lol. Guess that's what I get. I keep a Google pages site kinda up to date here. I'm going to keep that site going (it needs an update), but it's just not a blog. It's more of a gallery I guess.

Topics I hope to post about:
  • Life in general, bitching and moaning to the faceless internet is always therapeutic.
  • Crochet, cuz that's what keeps me sane.
  • My husband and kids. They may drive me nuts sometimes but they are my world.
  • Camping, another sanity keeper. Sometimes I wish I could stay in the woods forever.
  • Getting green(er). My inner hippie has always tried, now my inner yuppie thinks it's cool.
  • My cats and the dog that thinks she is a cat.
  • Stupid people, guess that goes to bullet #1, but there are so many of them they deserve their own space in line.
  • And whatever, isn't that what a blog is for?

Changes I want to make to this blog:

  • Add a Ravelry button, and other gadgets related to it if there are any.
  • Get rid of the ads that came with the template.
  • Find out if I can import pics from either Pisca or Flckr.
  • Add my most favorite links, not all of them, no need for clutter.
  • Tweak out the templates layout. Add some useful gadgets.

I am not a big fan of the myspace kind of site, not even a big fan of blogging. I'm kinda partial to my Google pages site format, but like I said no place to really "blog". I will babble here, think out loud, bitch, fight with myself, whine and carry on about somethings that really don't matter. I'm going for the blog is cheaper than therapy approach.

Okay off to mess around with the template, hopefully I don't fuck it up!