Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

Short weeks always sound like a good thing at first, but then once you get into it you realize real quickly that you still need to get the same number of things done, but now instead of having 5 days to do you only have 4! Honestly 5 wasn't enough anyway! I know I'm a good worker, especially compared to most....but lately I am just not feeling it. My boss is going away for a month (she goes back home to China to visit), so she has got a firecracker up her butt right now. She wants everything done, and everyone to have enough to do while she is gone. Understandable. But after Thursday I am out of here for almost 3 weeks myself! And this must be why I am not the boss of anyone....all I care about right now is going on vacation! Today is 3/4 done, three more to go.

Something odd and wonderful (knock on wood) is going on at home.....my children are getting along and enjoying their Summer vacation with each other. I call and IM to check up on them through out the day and each time I get happy children on the other end....maybe I have the wrong number? Nawww....they're pretty good anyway, at least I think so, but I am bias. What a stress reducer though, to know that I can count on them to be cool to each other. Don't get me wrong I still have to intervine and so on, but way less then ever. Maybe they are starting to get it? But I guess just like the vicious circle of bad karma, there is the same circle for good karma and it really helps. It's so much easier to treat them to goodies, they usually don't ask for much anyway.....a trip to the candy store, a movie, whatever....when they are good it's so much easier to give, they're happy to get it and then they are good again. It sounds so simple, why is so hard to impliment. Well we all got our groove going for now, I am going to enjoy it as much as possible.

Mike's on days this week, so we'll be a mess. It was hard to get us both out the door this morning, but he got to work on time and I made it inside my "window" too. I am still getting used to getting in here at the crack of dawn and ended up eating my sub for breakfast. We are all trying to cut down costs and our carbon footprint. Brown bagging lunch is a good start, just I am hungry at 9am, lol!

This week is 4 months now that I have not been smoking. I thought having the MIL at home smoking (outside) would make it harder, but I think the awful smell has helped remind me how bad it is. Something about her body chemistry or about how quick she wolves a butt down, but she carries the worse smell after a cig. I can stand outside at work with the smoking peeps and be social, it does not bother me. She comes in after one and starts talking to me I have to cover my mouth and walk away. I think at this point she believes I hate her anyway. I don't, just the smell. Other tensions are there, but my own fault for not confronting her directly. Mike (the poor thing) addressed her this weekend about helping the house out. I don't think it was easy for him, but he knew he had to just get it over with.

We are so looking forward to our camping trip coming up. We will be at White Lake State Park in NH for over a week of my almost 3 week vacation. We camped there once a few years ago and it was so nice. We kind of blindly picked our site, we know it's close to the water, but we can not remember exactly what it was like. We'll find out. We are going after the holiday weekend, so it should be quite.

And last, but not least on my mind today is Kenzie's blanket. I made a couple squares over the weekend, not real nuts about rushing it. I have 4 small squares to make and the rest of a medium square. Some joining to do and the edging, which I will play by ear. It's easy to sit and crochet while I am waiting for Kenzie at karate. She has it this afternoon at 4:30. It's gonna be a bit rushed because both Mike and I are doing days. I'll post some pics on Ravelry later today or tomorrow too. I need to add a couple projects, like the karate felted bag.

Right now, I gotta get to it. I need to be working to keep the boss lady happy enough until vacation. It's really nice out, may 75F and real sunny. I hope the girls go swimming.

(PS. Click on the flag afghan above (it's not mine) it will bring you to the free pattern on the Lion Brand website. Not that anyone but a total freak would be able to finish that before the holiday weekend coming up, but I thought it was pretty cool looking for a flag afghan.)