Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

We spent over a week at White Lake State Park in Tamworth, NH. One of my favorite places to camp. We had the perfect site, thanks to Mike booking it in February when everyone else around here thought we'd always be buried in 20" of snow. We even got the "Best Campsite Eva" award, well that's what the bald guy walking by the site said ;0)

The picture to the left was our view every night. In some of the pics I took you can see the water bugs dancing across the water. The loons are hard to photograph, but we saw plenty of them and even saw their nest when we went fishing in the canoe.
We went out in the canoe a couple times. "Our spot" is clear across the lake. The lake was still clear as a bell, but it was noticeably muckier than 3 years prior when we were there last. I wonder how many trips are on this canoe. I was somewhere around the age of 6-8 when we bought this canoe for our dad, so this thing is pushing 30 years old. Sometime soon after we got it the seats snapped off and Dad duct taped the plywood on, to this day that is what we sit on. Good ol' duct tape, lol.

We took the 5 hour trip through the Notch out of N. Conway on the train, it was breathtaking. And because we went on a weekday it wasn't packed full of tourist. We seem to always have luck with this train anyway. I could take that trip every day of my life!
We also, of course, took a trip up Mt. Washington. It was also a perfect day. It was about 85F at the base and 55F at the Summit. I would love to be up there for a Nor'Easter! No matter how many times I travel that road it never fails to freak me out somewhat, lol! No sign of the new kitty Marty, but I signed the guestbook saying hi from all of us. It was funny watching people freezing in their tank tops and shorts. We had sweatshirts, and were still a bit cool. Funny how come this winter 55F will feel almost hot.

It was a great trip. Only one night of rain, which who cares....we were sleeping anyway. Since we've been home that area has had a lot of thunderstorms, not so fun while camping. I hope everyone who is still there does okay with the weather. We were oddly enough lucky seeing that was how the weather was the week before our trip too. Mike prays to Grandma Betty everytime we take a trip....I really believe it works.

Now I am back to work....so I really should go do the working thing. It's taken me most of the morning to go through and respond to emails. And a lot of people are on vacation still, it's that time of the year. But my boss has left me with a huge to do list, away for 3 weeks herself....I think she forgot I was going to be gone for 2+ weeks as well. One more planned trip this year, back to Otter River. Sometimes I think a camping trailer would do us well, but I'm glad to stay in the tents. Okay, I'm going to do some work now!