Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

A month has gone by and I have not posted, oh well....I broke the interwebz. That's okay, cuz the freak from Freecycle won it in a virtual argument with me anyway!

Lets see since vacation what's new?
  • Mike is still feeling like crap since his potasium spike and other diabetic/kidney failure related shit. I think he's starting to feel somewhat better, seems like he has more energy....still not himself though.
  • His mother moved out, or at least says she has. Her shit is still here, including her cat. Whatever.
  • We finally epoxied the bedroom floor in the basement, came out mint....but had to paint the walls when we were done, just cuz I wasn't happy with the color anymore after the floor came out so nice.
  • Got a dumpster and cleaned out 15 yards of stupid junk. We were able to give away a lot (no thanks to the king of the internet at Freecycle....another story that if I reference again I guess I should tell). Either way this should not only help out the household health, but should really help out on the mental baggage end of things too.
  • Bought a new pellet stove to replace our 12 year old one. So funny watching the yuppies run around trying to scoop these things up. Good thing yuppies need pretty to make thier stoves burn hotter. We got a great deal on a plain jane power horse Breckwell at Robins Garden Center in Oxford....highly recommended to the non-yuppie. No BS, no pretty, thank you.
  • Kids are going back to school tomorrow, already! So did some school shopping. They are ready to go back. Not an exciting Summer, but I think they did enjoy themselves. Taylor will be going to a new high school, back in the city....Worcester Tech. She is nervous, wish I could make it easier for her. Someday (I hope) she'll be glad about the choices we've made for her. Kenzie will be going into the fourth grade, same school, but more responsibilities. She wants to take the bus, shudder. People think we should put Taylor on the bus too. It's hard to let go I guess, we'll see as the year goes. With gas prices the way they are, we really should.
  • Work is the same. I'm debating bidding on a night shift job here, to help Mike and his health out. My thoughts on this swing from one side to the other every other second.
  • The last camping trip of the season is this coming weekend. We are on the group site and my brother in law and his clan will be sharing the site with us. It should be nice. We'll be at Otter River of course :-)
  • I haven't crocheted to much in the past month. I made an ottoman cover out of random granny squares that I made at camp and waiting for Kenzie at karate (who is on the verge of testing for her next belt, purple....Yay her!). I am working on a square for a comfortghan for one of the girls in the SnB group that has been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and I am working on a shawl for the Ravelympics that I am never going to finish before the end of the Olympics. No medels for me, lol. I have to take some pics and upload to update my Ravelry notebook. Which I am sure I will do after vacation.
I guess I kinda of haven't posted because I really like the picture below of White Lake and wanted it to stay on the top of my blog. Silly I know. I added this Meez avatar to the left, although she is knitting...something I kinda suck at....it is still for the love of fiber so I'm gonna let her hang for a while. I saw one on another blog somewhere and thought she was cool so I made one of my own. Another time suck, lol.

Fingers crossed for a good first day of school for the girls. I'll try to post before vacation again, but doubtful....probably after.