Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

I am working on several projects at once again. I just finished a scarf for Veronica, a present from her mom. I started night before last a baby blanket for Liz at work, her baby shower is on 11/14. It is a very simple pattern but it creates a very pretty texture. After hitting it for a couple nights I have about 9 out 30" done. So a week of not getting distracted should do it. I have a 50% off coupon for AC Moore. so I will stop in tonight and get some ribbon for it. I also still have Taylor's entralac blanket and my lap ripple too.....oh and some floppy funky slippers for Kenzie. Too much at once.

Tonight Kenzie and I have to finish her Halloween mask. She has a party at karate tomorrow morning. Although I think her and I are sick, hopefully we will feel better over the weekend. Probably for the best Mike has to work tonight. We have to go get pumpkins this weekend, but it should be quite otherwise.

Otherwise, yay Friday! I am tired....so glad this week is over.

I am going to start posting random things I like but would never own because of practicality or finances. Sometimes the internet can make the world so much smaller and you can just find things you would have never seen before. Here is my random yummy today. If I was rich enough to buy rock pillows and owned enough space for them to look good I might look into purchacing some of these.

IRL I am looking at power conditioners. I found them at first at powersave.com. We had an energy fair at work yesterday and when I asked the rep from National Grid what he thought of them he got real defensive and snarky.....so they must work! Thanks asshole for the tude, now I will look into them further. I hate the electric company almost as much as I hate the cable company.....granted I use satellite for TV, but I still use cable for internet. Mr. Nationalgrid up his ass refused to believe how much my household has manged to cut their electricity usage. See if I was really rich I would be off the grid.