Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

What a yucky day! It is raw and rainy. I wish I was home finishing my Tiramisu Baby Blanket! The main part is almost done and tomorrow will be one week since I started it. It's not that I am loving working on this thing, it is that I just want it done!

I am suppose to go out to lunch with some people from work, but I am really hoping it gets canceled. Some people are whining about meetings and stuff already so it's looking good. I should be thankful for such a thing, but I am not feeling the love today. Oh well, bad me.

Does anyone need a Curtis Plow Frame for a '03-'08 Dodge Ram 1500? We have one, and it's for sale. Craigslist sucks, it brings out the cheapest people on the face of the earth. If I wanted to give something away I would post it on Freecycle! It is worth probably $600, we are asking $400...with some wiggle room. Why on earth would I concider $100 though? Seriously.

My next Jeep? Build my own online comes out to about $33k and it gets 15/19mpg.....not so effiecent, but damn it looks fun!

Here is my current Jeep.....and I LOVE it, but it is a lease and I will have to make a decision when the lease is up....granted that is not until March of 2010, but it takes me a LONG time to make car decisions.
She gets 27mpg, and is only $200/m. Wish it had the lifetime drive warranty. Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep is going to merging with GM from what I hear. I know I don't want to take that path. Maybe I will go back to the Toyota Matrix again? I kinda like the remodel.
I had this 2005:

Now it looks like this for 2009:

I don't care for it in this photo, it looks better in real life. Maybe it is that black piece on the front bottom? This built by me comes out to maybe $23k.....and still lots of fun!

I'll keep pondering. My head wants to save $$ and gas, my heart wants to be fun and zippy, my soul wants to drive over anything in my way, lol!