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I wanted some water bottle holders for camp so I whipped up a few of these. I've since made multicolor ones too, have to upload those pictures sometime. I wrote down the pattern after making a few of them and have since uploaded it to Ravelry for $1. It is my first pattern that I am charging for, but I am going to send half of it to the National Parks. I also uploaded the pattern to Lulu. If you'd like a copy of it and you're not on Ravelry yet you can find it there. It is $2 there, but if you're reading my blog and find it you get it for $1 too, just leave me a message ;o)

I've been on Ravelry since last November now and I am still amazed every day. Recently I joined the Welcome Wagon group to help send messages to new members. Right now I have the letter H (all I can think of is Sesame St. when I say that), which I like because I start with the letter H too. (Yeah, it doesn't take much.) Ravelry is a time suck though. I go to work and log on, next thing I know it's 2 hours later and I haven't done a thing! It cuts into my crochet time too, but there is so much inspiration there I don't count that as a negative. I love Ravelry and can not believe no one thought of this kind of formatting sooner. This formatting could be used to make anything more manageable. Casey and Jess should copyright the formatting, lol, I said the c word.

Right now I am working on a bag that kinda matches the water bottle carrier, except it is colorful and striped. (Gotta update the pictures!) I made Kenzie (my youngest daughter) a cool felted backpack for Karate a few weeks ago (post pictures!), and I hand painted the Japanese characters for Karate on it. It came out really cool. So it has inspired me to do more bag work. I think the bag I'm working on now will be a backpack too. In the style of the sling backpack. I should be working on Mackenzie's blanket. I started it months ago. I hate when I start something and loose interest in it. I really want it done, I'm just not motivated. Grrrrr...it's like a monkey on my back.....speaking of which I think I have one of those in process too. I want to add those process bars some of the Ravelry girls made to this blog, maybe that'll help me keep track. I have my Ravelry notebook, but that doesn't seem to scream at me like a progress bar does.

I'm posting this from flickr, lets see if it works. I'll have to go back and do spell check over at blogger though. Maybe while I'm here I should update my pictures.....no....must.....go.....do.....work!



JoAnne said...

I love the water bottle holders...I would ask to order/buy one but I don't have to cuz your my stepmom so I get them for free...yay...love you taylor