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Well this thing has been hibernating for at least a couple months now. I am adding an extra section to it, because the pattern (from Lion Brand Yarn, free online), is more like a throw than an afghan and I want Kenzie to get some use out of it. It may be long enough for her now at almost 9 years old, but not for long. She has a pink circle bed set from Target too, this will go nicely with it.

Speak of the devil, she keeps asking me to set up the tent in the living room. She had a sleep over last night and they slept in the backyard in our old tent. Guess she wants more. Right now we are having some strong winds and thundershowers, so I am really glad I didn't procrastinate getting the tent down.

I have one large square, 4 medium and 4 small to finish off the extra panel. I am trying to motivate. I should also get the last load of laundry in too. Sunday's can be pretty lumpy. Mike has to work tonight and I don't think he feels to good, he's been watching tv down in the bedroom....kinda detached. I hate to leave Kenzie by herself upstairs to go make him feel better downstairs. Blah. I guess pocking around the net isn't making either one feel better, so off I go.

Pattern layout with my extra panel (the pieces with the sideways letters are my extras):


Kawano said...

That is really nice. I love the circles in the square and the design. Great job on that. ^_^

webmonkey said...

Mmmm, I like it...I bet it would be easy to make it bigger, too. One more project on my list!

JoAnne said...

Thanks! It's all done now, I need to update my notebook!