Happy Hooking

~ a blog about crocheting and so on.

Not sure about the blog template yet. I'm gonna leave it on for a few days/weeks and see if it grows on me. I loved the colors of the old one but the vines kinda got in the way of my words.

Todays to do list:
  • Kenzie has a Halloween party at karate.
  • Taylor has a homecoming football game....I'm not sure if we are all going, but I think so. Time lines cross of course.
  • I should get a lot of crocheting done today while the kids do their thing.
  • Laundry, vacuum, clean....blah, blah, blah.....right like any of that is going to happen today.
Eighty dollars for a crochet hook? Nope I'll pay the electric bill instead :)

ETA: Here is where I got the free blog template. She has some other nice ones too. I tried the Autumn one but something wasn't working in it so I picked this one. I think there are others there I like more.


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